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Railroad Avenue, Snoqualmie, WA, 2009

Railroad Avenue, Snoqualmie, WA © 2009
Courtesy of 4Culture
2011 Landmark Rehab Program recipient

As King County grows and changes, those communities that take intentional steps to protect their significant local buildings, sites, and neighborhoods will remain truly distinctive. 4Culture's Interlocal Cities funding helps makes local historic preservation programs more effective. Eligible activities include identification of historic sites through survey/inventory, nomination of significant properties as city landmarks, and outreach that raises public awareness about the benefits of preservation for all.

To apply, communities must have a signed interlocal agreement for historic preservation services with the King County Historic Preservation Program, must have a current Special Commission member and assigned city staff, and must have attended a special 4Culture workshop in 2012. Awards in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $6,000 will be announced in December, for project implementation in 2013.

The Interlocal Cities program is a pilot project, and is anticipated to expand and evolve in future years.

Guidelines and Process for 2012 Program Below  |  Deadline: passed  

Who Can Apply

Incorporated CITIES and TOWNS that participate in the King County Interlocal Historic Preservation Program 

Eligible Applicants have:

  • Entered into an interlocal agreement for historic preservation services with the King County Historic Preservation Program, and
  • Appointed a volunteer special commission member whose term is current, and
  • Assigned responsibility for coordinating the interlocal preservation program to a designated city staff member, and
  • Sent the special commission member, city staff, or an interested elected official (2 out of 3) to a 4Culture workshop for Interlocal Cities in 2012.

What Gets Funded

Foundational historic preservation activities  

Eligible Activities are:

  • Survey/inventory of older neighborhoods, districts, or thematic property types
  • Baseline historical research (Context Statements)
  • Preparation of landmark nominations
  • Visible outreach projects focused on current survey/inventory or landmarking efforts
  • Other basic programmatic activities resulting in a durable product

Note: projects exceeding $6,000 in cost may be proposed. Applicants must show commitment of other resources to complete the project in whole, OR a phased approach that would enable completion of a $6,000 increment in 2013.

When to Apply

2012 Program Deadline: passed

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Online application period opens June 25, 2012. Projects funded through this program may begin no earlier than January 1, 2013.

How Awards are Made

Review criteria and competitive selection process 

Interlocal City awardees are selected by a panel of cultural resource professionals, based on the criteria given below.

Review Criteria

Quality & Significance
  • Project represents a logical next step in development of an active local preservation program
  • Activity advances awareness, protection, or promotion of historic resources in the community
  • Application is clear, complete, and well-considered
Impact & Public Benefit
  • Project will engage the general public through volunteerism, collaborations, events, or networking
  • Completed products will be accessible to the general public in a variety of media formats
  • Findings will be incorporated into city databases, and will remain accessible to city staff, researchers, and contractors
  • Project will help raise the visibility of historic preservation locally
  • Project will aid in the long-term preservation of the community's built environment
  • A credible cost estimate from an experienced cultural resources consultant is provided
  • Proposals exceeding $6,000 show a commitment of other resources to complete project in full, OR a phased approach that allows completion of $6,000 increment in 2013
  • Sufficient city staff time is allocated to manage 4Culture award, administer consultant contract, and oversee project
  • A schedule demonstrating readiness to undertake and complete project in 2013 is provided

Competitive Selection Process and Timeline

  1. July - August: Discuss your project with 4Culture - Prior to preparing an application, applicants must indicate intent to apply by contacting Program Coordinator Flo Lentz at 206 263.1604. Please allow ample time during July/August to confer with 4Culture staff. Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. PST - APPLICATION DEADLINE
  2. November 5, 2012: review panel meets to review applications
  3. November 8, December 5: 4Culture's Historic Preservation Advisory Committee and Board of Directors meet to approve panel recommendations.
  4. Early December: applicants receive formal notification from 4Culture.
  5. Early 2013: 4Culture staff works with award recipients to develop contracts for work to be funded. Projects must be completed by the end of 2013.

Requirements and appeals

Learn about the legal requirements of award recipients, and about the process for appeal of a 4Culture award here.


  • How large are Interlocal Cities awards?
  • Awards will range from $1,000 to $6,000. Successful requests within this range will be funded in full up to a maximum $6,000.
  • Is a cost share required?
  • No, but some level of cash contribution is encouraged and helps show feasibility. And, cities proposing projects over $6,000 MUST show a commitment of other resources to complete the project in full, OR a phased approach.
  • If we are awarded funding, will we get the money up front?
  • No, 4Culture awards are made on a reimbursement basis. Two or more incremental reimbursements may be arranged during the contracting process.
  • Who do I work with?
  • Flo Lentz is your primary contact for the Interlocal Cities program. Contact Flo at 206 263.1604 for help on project content. For technical help with the online application, contact Brandi Link at 206 263.1593.

Ready to Apply

How to submit your ONLINE application 

STEP 1 - Read all of the above sections

STEP 2 - Gather and prepare your information

You are required to submit your application using 4Culture's on-line system. Within the application, you will be asked for basic profile information, and then asked to upload the following three items:

Project Proposal

Submit your own project proposal (up to 3 pages) addressing the following points:

  1. Summarize your city's survey/inventory efforts, landmark nominations, and any major preservation projects accomplished since becoming an Interlocal City.
  2. Describe the current proposed project, and explain why it is the next logical step in building your local preservation program.
  3. Tell us how your project will engage people in the community - local historical society, volunteer researchers, youth, seniors, or other.
  4. Outline how the products will remain accessible and useful after the project is over.
  5. Name the city staff who will oversee the project, and provide a project schedule, including a phasing plan if applicable.
Consultant Estimate(s)

An estimate by an experienced cultural resources consultant for the proposed project is required. You can include a second estimate if you have one. For access to rosters of cultural resource consultants, contact Flo Lentz at 206 263.1604.

Project Budget form

Complete this 2-page budget form, entering your estimated project expenses in the orange column, and your expected project income (the request to 4Culture plus any city cash contribution) in the green column. You can add detail as to how you arrived at these figures on the second "project budget notes" page. You may not submit your own project budget form. You must use 4Culture's form below.

pdf icon   Project Budget
  PLEASE NOTE: In order to fill out and SAVE this form, you MUST use Adobe Reader (Download Free Adobe Reader). ATTENTION MAC USERS: The default program for PDF documents on a Mac is Preview, which will not allow you to save information in our form. You MUST USE Adobe Reader instead. Learn how to open our form with Adobe Reader:

Step 1: If you don't already have Adobe Reader, download the latest version for FREE here.

Step 2: Save the PDF document you want to fill out to your computer. (If you are not given the option to save, the document might have automatically downloaded to the folder you have chosen to be your default download folder. Check that folder.)

Step 3: Right-click on the PDF document you saved, choose "Open with" in the drop-down menu and select Adobe Reader.


STEP 3 - Sign in to begin your application

Note: Once you have started the process of applying online, you can save the information you have entered in each step, sign out, and return to your application any time before the deadline to continue working or to make changes. To access an application you have already started, go to and enter your username and password, then select the application you would like to work on under "my applications."

IMPORTANT: Once you click "submit" you will not be able to make any changes to your application, but you will still be able to read and print it.

For technical questions about the online application system, contact staff member Brandi Link at 206 263.1593.

This funding opportunity is currently closed. We will reopen the application for this opportunity at least 6 weeks before the next deadline.

Upcoming Workshops

This year's Interlocal City group workshops have concluded. In preparation for the October 10 program application date, contact program coordinator Flo Lentz at 206 263.1604 during the months of July or August to discuss your proposal in detail, and/or arrange a site visit.


Stay tuned!

So you've been approved to receive 4Culture historic preservation funding.  What now?  Here's what to expect


4Culture will send a letter to notify you of your award when it has been approved by our Board of Directors.


In order to be awarded your funds, you must sign a contract with 4Culture. Essentially, 4Culture will contract with you to provide the preservation services and public benefits described in your application. We'll be in touch with you as we prepare the contract to discuss the scope of work, especially if you are not receiving the full funding amount you requested.

4Culture will prepare and mail a contract package to you.

The package will contain two copies of your contract. Please sign and return both copies as soon as possible. Once your contract is signed by 4Culture, a copy will be mailed back to you for your files.

Fill out and submit any enclosed documents – they are required. This may include:

  • One (1) W-9 Form - for the individual owner who will be signing the contract, or for the applicant organization
  • A Disability Assurance of ADA Compliance form – for organizations only

Once you have submitted all these required forms and we have signed the contract, your contract is active.

We do not provide payment up front; all 4Culture awards are made on a reimbursable basis. You must submit invoice(s) with required documentation in order to get paid!


4Culture will provide a temporary construction banner for your project site, crediting 4Culture as a funder. You are required to hang the banner in a visible outdoor location during the active phase of your construction project.


A blank 4Culture invoice form(s) will be in your contract package. Keep it to use when submitting for reimbursement. Once you complete the work, or an increment of the work as specified in your contract, fill out the 4Culture invoice, attach billings from your vendors or contractors, and send it in to us via mail or fax to (206) 296-8629.


Photos are an important part of your final submittal for payment. All preservation program contracts require at least nine (9) good quality "before, during, and after" images.

These must be digital photos, submitted on a disk, as our server does not allow large email attachments to come in through our system. The photos must show how the project progressed, show workers on the job, and be useable by 4Culture to promote its programs in web or print formats. A photo guideline sheet will be included in your contract packet.


Provided that all of the above steps have been completed, checks will be cut and mailed within two weeks after receipt of your invoice/documentation.


We want you to 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax support on any project-related press releases, programs, flyers, etc. Please use this logo on any such promotional materials.

Stay in touch with us about your project! Let us know in advance when your construction work is happening, and send us any news as it progresses. We are proud to support your project and hope we can assist you in making it a success. Please contact Flo Lentz at 206 263.1604 for help.