Arts Cultural Facilities
Deadline: September 9, 2015 5PM
Contact: Debra Twersky 206 263.1610
Taproot Theatre Company, Mark Lund 2013

Taproot Theatre Company © Mark Lund 2013
2012 Art Facilities Recipient

Cultural facilities like museums and theaters, and their related collections storage, scene shops and offices are all businesses that build identity and economic strength in our communities. They provide creative opportunities for residents and visitors to our region, jobs to local citizens, and bring traffic to surrounding businesses.

Securing funds to acquire, build, or renovate specialized space is one of the most challenging experiences facing any arts organization. 4Culture's Arts Facilities Capital Program supports quality projects by organizations and local governments throughout King County, and has invested more than $35 million in the past two decades. The program is offered every 12 - 24 months, and awards have ranged from $8,000 to $100,000 in recent cycles.

A portion of Lodging Tax revenues collected in King County provides all of the funding for this program.

Updated Guidelines and Application for 2015 will be posted 6 weeks before the deadline

Who Can Apply

King County non-profit arts organizations and public agencies

Eligible applicants include King County-based:

  • Not-for-profit arts organizations
  • Public agencies other than K-12 schools or school districts

Requirements for Applicant Organizations:

  • A legally-constituted and working board of directors
  • The ability to demonstrate a record of artistic or cultural accomplishments
  • At least a two-year operating history as a legally constituted entity
  • Tax exempt status, preferably 501(c)(3). Contact staff if your organization is not a 501(c)(3)
  • Ability to maintain net current liabilities at less than thirty percent of general operating expenses
  • Ability to sustain operational capacity beyond the completion of the facility as evidenced by a strategic plan, projected and operating plans and other analyses
  • Control of the site through ownership or a long-term lease (at least 10 years; five years w/ five year option to extend)
  • The ability to enter into a contract that requires your organization to provide proof of non-profit status and a W-9 form, complete an ADA status review, have liability insurance that names 4Culture as additional insured, and provide other information as required by King County statutes

What Gets Funded

Building, remodeling and buying facilities. (Need funding for equipment? Check out our Equipment funding program.)

Cultural Facilities Funding May Be Used For:

  • Projects whose construction is planned to begin within 24 months of the facilities deadline
  • Purchase, construction and remodeling of arts cultural facilities
  • A portion of awards can be use for architectural/engineering design fees, testing, site analysis and/or construction documents
  • Building projects that bring compliance with Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Cultural Facility Funding May Not Be Used For:

  • Feasibility studies alone at the outset of a project
  • General facility maintenance and repairs
  • The purchase of "consumable items" (i.e. light bulbs, small tools)
  • Operating expenses, any regular staff salaries, or program expenses
  • The purchase of equipment not integral to a capital project (we have a separate program for equipment purchases)
  • Work completed before the award of funds
  • Fundraising costs associated with a capital project
Confused by language we use? Check out our glossary of terms


Application Deadline: September 9, 2015 5PM

Projects or portions thereof that are funded through 2015 Arts Cultural Facilities may begin no earlier than January 1, 2016.

HOW Awards Are Made

Review criteria and competitive selection process

Every award starts with a competitive selection process that involves peer panel review and results in a contract with 4Culture that calls for you to provide services and public benefit to the people of King County.

The process takes about 4 months from the time you submit a proposal to the time your award is approved and we’re ready to create a contract that reimburses you for your expenses.

Review Criteria

  • Quality of the organization's existing and proposed programming, and the relationship of the programming to the mission and goals of the organization
  • Quality of the proposed project and its ability to further the organization's mission
  • Overall feasibility of the proposed projec's funding and operating plans and timeline
  • Timeliness of the request: applicants for construction or renovation funds must expect to begin construction within 18 months of application
  • Financial stability of the applicant as evidenced by the operating budget and financial statements
  • Qualifications of those who will be involved in executing the project
  • Organization's ability to leverage 4Culture's funds into private or other public support for the project
  • Extent of community support, which may include, but is not limited to, community involvement, endorsements, and in-kind or cash donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, or other government sources
  • Impact of the project on the organization's ability to serve its community ("community" includes but is not limited to a geographic, cultural, ethnic or artistic community)
  • Geographic location and audience
  • Improving access to cultural opportunities to under-served populations

The Panel Process

  • Your application will be reviewed by 4Culture staff and a peer review panel. The panel is made up of arts administrators and community representatives from all over King County who have been through the arts facilities program, know the local community, and have expertise in one or more aspects capital projects.
  • You will meet with the panel for a brief conversation about your project on the panel day.
  • Each panelist receives applications in advance for review. The panel then convenes to evaluate every application, talk with each applicant, and make funding recommendations to the 4Culture Arts Advisory Committee.
  • Because of their different areas of focus and geographic diversity, it is not likely that every panelist will be familiar with every organization's work. Keep that in mind as you draft your narrative responses.
  • A lead panelist is appointed for every application. That person and the staff are the only people who will see any support materials you mail in. Your lead panelist will be prepared with questions and will initiate discussion about your proposal with the panel.
  • There is a two-stage review process for requests over $30,000. Both arts and heritage requests over that threshold will be combined and reviewed first by a joint panel of arts and heritage specialists. Arts requests not supported through that process will be then be submitted to the Arts Facilities Panel for their consideration, along with the proposals seeking less than $30,000. Applicants whose proposals were not supported by the first panel will be asked to submit a one page alternative summary addressing how their proposal would be scaled to accommodate the lower funding limit.
  • Applicants requesting over $30,000 must contact staff in advance to discuss whether additional information, drawings, purchase agreements or other documents should be submitted with the proposal!

Requirements and appeals

Learn about the legal requirements of award recipients, and about the process for appeal of a 4Culture award here.

Ready to Apply

How to prepare your application 

STEP 1 - Read all of the above sections
STEP 2 - Gather and prepare your information

You are required to submit your application using the online form. In this section, you will find information on how to prepare your application and submit support materials.

At the end of this section, a link will be provided to the Online Application.

Support Materials (Required)

You will be asked to submit the following 4 items in the "upload" step of the online application:
1. Project Budget (Required Upload)
Download the 4Culture project budget form provided here. Enter your estimated project costs in the Expenses column, and sources of income for the project in the Income column.

acrobat icon   4Culture Project Budget
  PLEASE NOTE: In order to fill out and SAVE 4Culture's PDF forms, you MUST use Adobe Reader (Download Free Adobe Reader). ATTENTION MAC USERS: The default program for PDF documents on a Mac is Preview, which WILL NOT import your figures into our system. You MUST USE Adobe Reader instead. Learn how to open our form with Adobe Reader:

Step 1: If you don't already have Adobe Reader, download the latest version for FREE here.

Step 2: Save the PDF document you want to fill out to your computer. (If you are not given the option to save, the document might have automatically downloaded to the folder you have chosen to be your default download folder. Check that folder.)

Step 3: Right-click on the PDF document you saved, choose "Open with" in the drop-down menu and select Adobe Reader.

2. Operating Budget (Required Upload)
You may use 4Culture's form provided here, or upload your organization's own multi-year operating budget that delineates Expenses and Income in the same categories as 4Culture's form. Please limit to two pages, Word or PDF file formats only.

acrobat icon   4Culture 3 Year Operating Budget
  PLEASE NOTE: In order to fill out and SAVE 4Culture's PDF forms, you MUST use Adobe Reader (Download Free Adobe Reader). ATTENTION MAC USERS: The default program for PDF documents on a Mac is Preview, which WILL NOT import your figures into our system. You MUST USE Adobe Reader instead. Learn how to open our form with Adobe Reader:

Step 1: If you don't already have Adobe Reader, download the latest version for FREE here.

Step 2: Save the PDF document you want to fill out to your computer. (If you are not given the option to save, the document might have automatically downloaded to the folder you have chosen to be your default download folder. Check that folder.)

Step 3: Right-click on the PDF document you saved, choose "Open with" in the drop-down menu and select Adobe Reader.

3. Board List (Required Upload)
Submit a one page list of your organization's board members, their term limits and affiliations. Word or PDF file formats only.
4. Program/Event List (Required Upload)
Submit a one page list of your organization's events, programs, and/or primary activities from the last 12 months (include date or date range, location, and estimated attendance). Word or PDF file formats only.

Note: The online application system will not allow uploads of files larger than 2MB.


Additional Support Materials (Optional)

You may choose to mail or deliver any of the following items in support of your application:
Long Range Plan
Portion of a strategic plan that references this project in the larger context of your organizational priorities - this is highly recommended for requests over $ 30,000
Resumé(s) of Project Personnel
Resumé(s) of key project personnel, including professional consultants
Project Planning Documents
Project feasibility studies and cost estimates
General plan and timeline for implementation of the proposed project
Project Images
Renderings, architectural drawings, photos, etc., to illustrate the project
Mail/Deliver Instructions

Any additional support materials you submit must be mailed to, or dropped off at, 4Culture offices by the deadline date. Include two copies of all additional support materials. Address the envelope to:

Deb Twersky / 2013 Arts Cultural Facilities application
101 Prefontaine Place S
Seattle, WA 98104

Staff WILL NOT ACCEPT any application materials via email, or allow changes after the deadline.


STEP 3 - Sign in to begin your application

Note: Once you have started the process of applying online, you can hit "save" after each completed step in the application, sign out, and your application will remain saved as a draft. You can then return to your application any time before the deadline to continue working or to make changes by signing in with the username and password you created. Once you hit "submit," you will still be able to read, save and print your application, but you will not be able to make any changes.

For technical questions about the online application system, contact staff member Debra Twersky at 206 263.1610.

This funding opportunity is currently closed. We will reopen the application for this opportunity at least 6 weeks before the next deadline.

Eligibility & Step-by-Step Tutorial



start your application
get back into your application
upload documents and images
edit and submit your application

Scheduled Workshops

All applicants are encouraged to attend a workshop prior to submitting your application. These free workshops provide you an opportunity to ask questions, understand specific guidelines, and be taken through a step-by-step review of the application process.


There are no scheduled workshops at this time. Check back 6 weeks before the deadline.


What are the number and size of awards made each cycle?

Awards have ranged from $5,000 to $125,000 over the past 5 years. Generally, around 40% of the projects applying receive some funds. The joint Arts and Heritage panel will make a limited number of recommendations for larger awards. The Arts panel will make funding recommendations up to $30,000.

Do you make partial awards?

Yes. Less than 1/4 of our applicants receive full funding in each cycle; most receive a portion of the funds requested.

If my organization is collaborating with other organizations to share ownership of equipment, can we submit a joint application?

Yes, we encourage creative uses of every facility so that cultural spaces are active 24/7!

Will 4Culture staff help me with my application?

Yes! Give us a call, send an email, or attend a free workshop. We are happy to answer questions and give pointers. We want to help you submit the best-possible application. Debra Twersky is your primary contact for the Cultural Facilities program. You can contact Deb at 206 263.1610.

If my project has been funded once through the Arts Facilities program can I get a second award?

Yes, you may apply and get funds more than once, as long as you can demonstrate that your project is moving forward and meeting your goals and timeline.

If I don't currently have site control or I need to apply under the umbrella of another organization could I still be eligible?

Call Deb Twersky to talk about your project if you are looking at new space, have a lease with less than 5 years left, or do not have your own 501c(3) status.

What if my facility has an emergency or I have an opportunity to purchase property and cannot wait until the next regular cycle?

4Culture does set aside limited funds every year to respond to facility emergencies and unforeseen real estate opportunities that cannot wait until the next regular cycle. Contact Deb Twersky to talk about any project that you feel meets that definition.


Organization Project Summary Award
5th Avenue Theatre Association House Dimmer System $20,000
Arts Alive! Creative Space Remodel $30,000
ArtsWest 2013-14 Facilities Remodel $5,000
Bellevue Youth Theatre Fnd Bellevue Youth Theatre Facility $20,000
Boxley Music Fund Stage Renovation Project $13,000
Capitol Hill Housing Foundation 12th Avenue Arts $50,000
Cornish College of the ArtsCornish Playhouse at Sea Ctr$30,000
Federal Way Coalition Perf. ArtsNew Perf and Conf Ctr$20,000
Flying House ProductionsNew Performance Risers$30,000
Gage Academy of ArtFacility Improvements Project$30,000
Gay City Health ProjectCompletion of Auditorium $14,300
Historic SeattleLife/Safety/Access for WA Hall$5,000
Int.l Comm. Health ServicesNew Gallery at ICHS Shoreline$8,000
Jack Straw ProductionsAccessibility/Space Upgrades$15,000
KEXP, Friends ofKEXP's New Home Project$100,000
KidsQuest Children's MuseumNew home for KidsQuest$100,000
Kirkland Arts CenterSkylight Restoration$15,000
Mini Mart City ParkFacility/Park Demo $5,000
Music Center of the NorthWestFacility Renovations$25,000
New City TheaterRisers/Stairs Reconfiguration$6,700
Northwest Film ForumPhase Three: Marquee$15,000
On the BoardsImproving OtB's HVAC$5,000
Pacific Ballroom DanceSafety Improvement Campaign$10,000
Photo Center NorthwestExterior Renovation Project$20,000
Seattle Children's TheaterSCT Public Safety Renovations$8,500
Seattle Theatre GroupParamount Theatre Sound $30,000
Seattle Intl Film FestivalRenovate of Egyptian Theater$30,000
Theater SchmeaterNew facility for The Schmee$30,000
Theatre Puget SoundCtr Theatre Stage Floor $9,400
Unified OutreachRenovations to Ginome Ctr.$30,000
Village TheatreNew Gaudette Theatre Carpet $20,000


Organization Project Summary Award
A Contemporary Theatre (ACT) Emergency Theatre HVAC Upgrade $25,000
ArtsWest Gallery and Concessions Remodel $6,000
Bellevue Youth Theatre Foundation Bellevue Youth Theatre Facility $75,000
Capitol Hill Housing Foundation 12th Avenue Arts $75,000
City of Des Moines Park & Recreation Department Des Moines Beach Park Dining Hall $12,000
Friends of KEXP KEXP's New Home at Seattle Center $30,000
Frye Art Museum Frye Art Museum renovations $30,000
Gay City Health Project Gay City Performing Arts Auditorium $13,000
Highlands Council Lighting and AV Improvement Project $10,000
Historic Seattle Washington Hall Window Restoration $35,000
Institute for Community Leadership Multiuse Cultural Arts Facility $25,000
Intl Community Health Services Multi-media Gallery at ICHS Shoreline $20,000
Jack Straw Productions Jack Straw Accessibility Project $25,000
Kirkland Performance Center Expansion Dance Floor at KPC $15,000
Northwest Film Forum Phase II: Lobby & Marquee Remodels $50,000
Northwest Puppet Center Fantoccini Society $50,000
On the Boards Tuckpointing Behnke Center $26,500
Photographic Center Northwest Photographic Daylight Studio Space $20,000
Seattle Children's Theater Seattle Children's Theatre seating $40,000
Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society Basement Access & Seismic Improve $10,000
Seattle Theatre Group Moore Theatre Capital Improvements $26,500
Stone Soup Theatre Renovation audience areas $3,000
Stroum Jewish Community Center SJCC Performing Arts Auditorium $15,000
Taproot Theatre Company Hope from Ashes: Taproot Expansion $50,000
Unified Outreach Facility Renovation ADA Project $8,000
University Heights Center University Heights Seismic Retrofit $40,000


Organization Project Summary Award
Artspace Projects Inc Mt. Baker Station Lofts $75,000
Coyote Central Youth arts facilities at 23rd & Cherry $50,000
Historic Seattle Washington Hall Restoration $40,000
Bellevue Community College Foundation KBCS Cougar Mountain Project $27,000
On the Boards Floor & Carpet Replacement Project $27,000
Northwest Film Forum Theater Chairs Replacement Project $25,000
Photographic Center Northwest "Media Studio Space - Construction, Final Phase" $25,000
Seattle Musical Theatre Restrooms for Green Room & Remodel Beams Over Stage $22,000
Jack Straw Productions Jack Straw Accessibility Project $22,000
Evergreen City Ballet Custom Built Retractable Dance Studio Wall &
Steel Support Beam
Capitol Hill Housing Foundation 12 Avenue Arts $20,000
Small Faces Child Dev/Crown Hill Ctr Crown Hill Center Roof and Community Spaces $20,000
Dr. James Washington Jr. Foundation James Washington Collection & Studio Renovation $15,000
City of Auburn Parks and Recreation Department Auburn Les Gove Park Stage Cover $10,000
Vashon Allied Arts Vashon Center for the Arts $10,000
ArtEast Adding and improving artEAST's Education Space $8,000
Phinney Neighborhood Association Gallery Walls and Storage Space $6,000
Kirkland Arts Center Kiln Shed Roof and Gutter Replacement $5,500
Seattle Scenic Studios Safety and Seismic Mezzanine upgrade $4,000
Grand Illusion Cinema Air Conditioning Upgrade $3,150
Camlann Medieval Association Innkeeper's Cottage $1,000


Organization Project Summary Award
A Contemporary Theatre (ACT) HVAC/ventilation for shop $25,000
Bellevue Civic Theatre Theatre Building Purchase $50,000
City of SeaTac Pk and Recreation Band Shell at Angle Lake Park $25,000
Cornish College of the Arts Performing Arts Complex $50,000
Experience Music Project NW Passage Gallery Renovation $40,000
Bellevue Parks/Bell.Youth Theatre New facility for Bellevue Youth Theatre $75,000
Kirkland Arts Center Peter Kirk building renovation $18,000
Northwest Puppet Center First Level Renovations $62,000
On the Boards Sidewalk and Tree Replacement $19,160
Pacific Ballroom Dance Studio Renovation $30,000
Photographic Center Northwest Facilities Improvement, Phase II $22,750
Seattle Theatre Group Paramount Sign and Marquee $100,000
SuttonBeresCuller (Sutton, John) Mini Mart City Park $68,000
Vashon Allied Arts Vashon Arts Center $75,000
Velocity Dance Center A New Home for Velocity: Phase I $125,000
White River Valley Museum Mary Olson Farm arts improvements $15,000


Organization Project Summary Award
Arts in Motion Soundproofing Project $20,000
Burke Museum Association Art storage space in University Tower $30,000
Camlann Medieval Association Village Smithy $5,000
Cinema Seattle / SIFF Seattle International Film Festival Film Center $150,000
City of Enumclaw The Enumclaw Fieldhouse Project $80,000
Cornish College of the Arts Campaign for Cornish Phase 3 $100,000
Duwamish Tribal Services Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center $150,000
Japanese Garden Advisory Council Japanese Garden Gatehouse Entry Project $20,000
Kirkland Arts Center Ceramics Studio Renewal and Upgrade $15,000
Northwest African American Museum Northwest African American Museum $100,000
On the Boards Studio Theater Wiring Upgrade Project $9,462
Seattle Art Museum Seattle Asian Art Museum $25,000
Seattle Theatre Group New HVAC system at the Moore Theatre $50,000
Wing It Productions HVAC System for Historic University Theater $15,000

If you've been approved to receive 4Culture funding. What now? Facilities/Equipment funding requires different forms from our other programs. Here's what to expect:


4Culture will send a letter to notify you of your award.


In order to be awarded your funds, you must sign a contract with 4Culture. Essentially, 4Culture will contract with you to provide the arts/heritage/preservation services and public benefits described in your application.

In an effort to make our contract process simpler and reduce our impact on the environment, 4Culture will now provide your contract documents electronically.

Once your grant’s Scope of Service and Public Benefit have been developed, 4Culture prepares a contract for your review and signature. When it is ready, you will receive an e-mail from us through DocuSign. This email will contain a link to your documents, and you can review and electronically sign your contract. You will not be able to make changes to the contract, but if there is an error or you need to request changes, please contact Debra Twersky.

After you have electronically signed your contract, and have returned any requested forms (such as a completed W-9 Form), 4Culture will also electronically sign your contract. Then, DocuSign will automatically e-mail you a signed, digital copy of your contract to keep for your permanent records. You’ll be ready to move ahead with your project.

If we ask for a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COLI): You can request this Certificate from your agent, and it can be e-mailed, mailed, or faxed to 4Culture. We require "4Culture, Its Officers, Officials, Employees and Agents" be listed as Additional Insured on the certificate. Contact Debra Twersky if you have questions or problems with the Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Once you have submitted all required forms and we have signed the contract, your contract is active. We do not automatically send you a check. You must submit invoice(s) with required documentation in order to get paid.


Once you purchase equipment, or pay for labor and materials in a construction project, fill out the 4Culture Facilities/Equipment invoice form, attach documentation from your vendors or contractors showing that you have incurred the expense, and send it in to us via email, mail or fax to 206 296.8629. You may need to do this in phases as your project moves ahead. You will NOT fill out a Final Evaluation Form for funding through the Facilities/Equipment program.


Once all of the above steps have been completed, checks will be cut and mailed within two weeks after receipt of your invoice/documentation. Note: We prefer to send funds via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), so be sure to complete that section of the invoice if you want payment sent directly to your bank.


We want you to 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax support on brochures, press releases, programs, posters, flyers, advertisements, signage, etc. You can include this logo on project brochures, press releases, programs, posters, flyers, advertisements, signage, etc.

Best Practices

Let us know if we can provide you with any of the following
  • Sample press releases
  • Referrals for other people, places, organizations or services
  • Tips on contacting your legislators and King County Council members. Your elected officials should know that your organization makes an impact!

Stay in touch with us throughout this process

Let us know in advance when your work is happening, particularly if your project involves an event and send us any press or pictures. We'd love to keep track of your projects and look forward to featuring stories about you in our communications.